Foxconn H67MP-S Preview

While Sandy Bridge chips may only be starting to leak out of Intel's fabrication facilities, one of the things we can do in the mean time is have an ogle of the motherboards we'll be using as soon as we can get a hold of these new CPUs. Today Foxconn have sent over their H67MP-S board for us to have a quick preview of. While we can't give this a full review, we'll be taking a look at its features and physical properties.

Asus P7P55D Deluxe

The introduction of a new platform is always a rather secretive affair but as the i5 launch date nears, P55 chipset motherboard previews are coming through thick and fast. Although whispers of high overclocks and unrivalled performance are usually rumoured with a new socket, the i5 series seems to appeal more to the average user as a mid range CPU rather than full out performance for hardcore enthusiasts that the i7 can provide.

MSI 770 C45

MSI are a big brand when it comes to motherboards and they've received world wide regard for their P35 motherboards. Since then, not everything has gone their way, though, with some critics disappointed with their P45 range in part down to the BIOS configuration.However, MSI have never been one to roll over and they have come fighting back with their AM3 boards. Although AMD’s 45nm processors and DDR3 memory has now been out for a while, they are still very much ‘new’ and the launch of MSI’s 770-C45 motherboard coincided nicely with the release of the new hardware. AMD, although perhaps not fully competing with Intel on performance, have introduced some great bang for buck CPUs which coupled with the plummeting price of DDR3 seem like a great combination. That then begs for a suitable motherboard to step forward and be counted. Enter MSI’s 770-C45. Although looking down the list of specifications, it might look a little thin on the ground in term of features, if the hype is anything to go by, this could be a great piece of kit.