Sound Blaster Evo Wireless review: Bluetooth headphones for gamers


It isn’t often that you find Bluetooth headphones for gamers, but that’s exactly what you get with the Creative Sound Blaster Evo Wireless. They cost a fair chunk of change at £50, so we’re hoping for great sound and solid build quality in addition to the flexibility offered by a triple-mode 3.5mm, USB and Bluetooth headset. We put ’em to the test, and here’s what we found!

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Today we’re looking at a 7.1 USB sound card from USB sound cards are ideal as replacements for broken on-board sound cards, particularly on laptops or small factor systems where installing a PCI or PCI-e sound card isn’t a viable option. This one is a good-sized unit, offering a range of analogue and digital ports including analogue 7.1 surround sound, dual-mic recording and an S/PDIF passthrough.

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Speedlink Medusa 5.1 USB headset review: once a Gorgon, always a Gorgon


German company Speedlink isn’t the most well-known peripheral maker, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make an excellent piece of kit at an attractive price point (for example, their rather good Kudos Z-9 mouse). Today, we’re looking at another PC gaming peripheral with a good amount of potential: their Medusa 5.1 USB headset. If Speedlink could deliver sound and comfort at a reasonable price, they might be onto another winner… but sadly the Medusa 5.1 doesn’t deliver. Continue reading

Sound BlasterX P5 review: in-ears for pro gamers


Creative has been a giant in PC gaming since its very inception; its Sound Blaster cards were once synonymous with sound cards. Few people buy dedicated sound cards any more, but Creative are still finding ways to show off their long-lasting aural expertise.

Today we’re looking at one example: the P5 in-ear headphones, part of Creative’s new Sound BlasterX pro-gaming series launched at gamescom last year. The crowd at the packed event seemed to like them, but they couldn’t hear anything above the roar of the show floor anyway. Here’s our take, after going hands-on in the slightly quieter environment here at XSR Towers.

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Startech Bluetooth Audio Receiver with NFC review

BT2A.main are a helpful company to know about — they seem to specialise in simple, helpful doodads that help you connect all of the bigger gadgets in your life together. If you ever think “I wonder if there’s a way to connect my X to my Y”, chances are good that someone at Startech already had the same thought and made a product to do just that.

Today’s review is a perfect case in point, as we’re looking at a doodad that answers the question “Can I connect to my wired speaker system / Hi-Fi via Bluetooth?” The answer is yes, and the doodad in question is the Bluetooth Audio Receiver with NFC (or BAR for short).

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