Aorus X5 Camo review: best gaming laptop 2016


The Aorus X5 Camo is the coolest gaming laptop I’ve ever seen, bar none. And beneath that awesome camo exterior, the Aorus X5 gets almost everything right. Performance? Gobs of it. Screen? Beautiful. Keyboard and trackpad? On point. If you can afford its premium asking price, there are few viable competitors to this beastly machine.

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Sound Blaster Evo Wireless review: Bluetooth headphones for gamers


It isn’t often that you find Bluetooth headphones for gamers, but that’s exactly what you get with the Creative Sound Blaster Evo Wireless. They cost a fair chunk of change at £50, so we’re hoping for great sound and solid build quality in addition to the flexibility offered by a triple-mode 3.5mm, USB and Bluetooth headset. We put ’em to the test, and here’s what we found!

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QPAD DX-20 review: what is this, an optical mouse for ants?


Optical mice are in. Pro players love them because they have no mouse acceleration, allowing for pinpoint accuracy at a range of speeds. Casual players love them because pro players love them. The latest optical mouse is the diminutive DX-20, QPAD’s ‘first new mouse shape’ in seven years. Let’s see how it compares to its rivals, big and small. Continue reading

BenQ RL2460HT review: a console gamer’s dream


Today we’re looking at the BenQ RL2460HT, a gaming monitor designed for console gamers that want something smaller and more portable than the average 40-inch HDTV. It boasts a Fighting mode designed by Street Fighter legend Justin Wong, and an HDMI output for streaming without input lag. We liked the earlier RL2755HT, so how does the newcomer compare? Continue reading

Element Gaming 600W PSU review: so far, so good!


Today we’re looking at Element Gaming’s 600W PSU, courtesy of Ebuyer. The 600W model is the least capacious of the new range, which is also available in 700W and 800W varieties. Let’s put it in a PC and to the test — can this new brand stand up to established names like Cooler Master and Corsair?
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