Apologies to All Users

Over the past few weeks XSReviews has been repeatedly attacked by rogue scripts attempting to redicrect users to Russian porn websites in an attempt to scam money from users.Unfortunately they recently made it so that all Google results leading to XSReviews re-directed results to Russian porn websites. This has now been fixed, and the error corrected.I'd like to say that's the end of the issue, but who knows if we'll be targeted again. We've taken all measures we can to prevent this from re-occuring and we hope it won't.We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and hope you'll still use XSR as your source for news and reviews.The XSR Team.

Rogue Popups

Some users are reporting sexually explicit pop up advertisements are being displayed randomly on some XSReviews pages. We apologise profusely for this, and can guarantee that this is not a deliberate addition by the XSR team. We are currently working on fixing this issue. Please report any instances of this in the forums, and if you do not wish to see the ads in the short term, activate your pop up blockers.Again we are very sorry and should have the issue fixed shortly.

XSR is going Social

XSReviews is branching out into social networking a little more, and we've now got ourselves a Twitter account, to go nicely with our Facebook "fans of" group. If you'd like to interact with those working at XSR a little more, and get some insider information about the team then feel free to follow us, sign up to the Facebook group and we look forward to talking to you.

XSR Group Launches Tech seed v2

I’d like to announce the release of the new version of XSR's partner site, tech seed. It’s been in the making for well over 2 months now, and has been the biggest overhaul of any XSR Group site to date. However, all is now well and it’s my pleasure to introduce you to a plethora of new features.For Publishers: * Easier RSS integration with example feed * Automatic image grabbing from RSS * Simpler Admin Panel setup * Category sorting on homepage * Multi-lingual review submissionHowever, one of the biggest feature introductions was adding a secondary account system for you readers out there. We felt that it was time you made your voices heard on what reviews you like, and don’t like. So the commenter account system was born. Anyone can sign up for these accounts just by hitting the