Kotaku annoyed at IGN exclusive

Kotaku has posted a review of IGN’s review, of Bioshock Infinite. This might seem odd, but the former of the two sites is understandably annoyed, as IGN has been given the go ahead by publisher 2K Games to post its review, despite every other site being limited by an NDA to a Monday release. Linking through to IGN’s review of …

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Are you a fan of Whoopty’s work?

As unlikely as it is, it’s a question that begs answering, because Jon/Whoopty, XSR admin, me, now has a page on Facebook and a Twitter account for keeping up with my other writing outside of the review site. If you’d give it a like/follow, that’d be awesome. I can promise mediocre content, nothing more, probably a lot less.   …

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Space Hulk screenshots surface

Some new screenshots have appeared for the adaptation of Games Workshop’s tense, turn based, aliens vs armoured warriors board game that is set to appear on iOS, PC and Mac later this year – and they look gorgeous. It features the Space Marine Terminators that have been a mainstay of other GW tabletop games for years. However one of their most famous outings is …

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