What will the new iPhones be called?

Apple has followed a very predictable naming structure for their phones for many years now. They operate on a tick-tock strategy similar to Intel’s, offering first a new design and a year later an optimised version. The new designs have new numbers – iPhone 5 – and the optimised versions have the S suffix – iPhone 5S. This year though, that’s set to change, as Apple are expected to release two new phones, both much bigger than their predecessors at 4.7 and 5.5 inches. So what will the new iPhones be called?

So what happened with Sam Raimi and the Warcraft movie?

Sam Raimi, the man behind such epic classics as Evil Dead: 1,2 and Army of Darkness, Darkman and the previous Spider Man Trilogy, has spoken out about his time working on the World of Warcraft movie with Blizzard, suggesting that the publishing giant was a pain in the neck to work with.