Gigabyte announce new line of gaming laptops with Nvidia 800M series GPUs

Nvidia announced the new GTX 800M series of laptop graphics cards this week, which should offer better gaming battery life and between 15 to 60% better performance than equivalent 700M models. Gigabyte have announced five new laptops using these new GPUs, including some redesigns of existing models that we’ve reviewed here on XSR and one entirely new model. Let’s take a look at what was announced.

Valve heading to German court over digital game resale

Valve has staunchly denied users of its Steam platform the right to resell digital games that they bought through the distribution service, despite an EU court ruling that all consumers and businesses had the right to resell their digital license for a product as long as they didn’t retain access to it after the fact.

New Stomping Land update focuses on camp creation

No, we’re not building sexually questionable gentlemen here, we’re talking about the building of your home base in The Stomping Land, the cooperative dinosaur hunting/survival sim, set in a distant, fictional past – featuring tribes and lots and lots of dinosaurs.