Want to be a Camcorder Reporter?

There has never been a better time to flex your reporting muscles, and use your camcorder to show the world the fruits of your investigations. If you harbour journalistic ambitions the world of news is your oyster, so grab your camcorder and our mini guide and get out there, you never know where it might lead you.

Camcorders, HD vs SD

If you are in the market for a new Camcorder, or even your first, now is an exciting time to buy. However, the explosion of products now available can make things tough; which one should you buy? One of the first choices you’ll come up against is whether to buy HD or SD. Let our short guide help you make the decision, and move a little closer to owning the right camcorder for you.

How much Camcorder Memory?

Gone are the days where the length of your Camcorder f ootage is governed by the length of tape in your machine. These days the amount, and quality, of recordings is dependent upon the amount of memory available to you. There are a wide range of digital camcorders now available, and a wide range of memory types and sizes to go with them. If you are looking to invest in a new camcorder one of your main considerations should be memory, and this short guide is a good place to start working out exactly what you need.

Panasonic Pure Line TV

Panasonic have recently launched a new range of LCD flat screen TVs called Pure Line. Available in satin silver, silky white or shiny purple the Pure Line TV range has developed beyond the standard matt black TV casing. Their casing finish means that the exact appearance of the colour changes depending on the room’s lighting. With a design such as this, your interior should always match your TV.

Panasonic 3D Camcorder

Home camcorders have been recording family moments since the 1960s. Whether it was a birthday party, a wedding, or Christmas, there always seemed to be a relative capturing it all on video. With the advent of websites such as Youtube, home movies have developed beyond the realms of family events and have become more imaginative and professional. Rather than just recording Aunt Di blowing out the candles, people are making entire animations out of Lego, spoofing their favourite music video, and creating their own mini movies. With this new creative drive behind home movie making, home film makers are looking for increasingly advanced technology in order to make more exciting and professional films; something which has just been provided by Panasonic in the form of the 3D camcorder.

Plasma vs LCD

In a world where television is much more than a mere entertainer, where bulky CRT TVs which we once thought to be the best things on earth are on the verge of extinction, there seems to be a eternal battle that’s waging inside every consumer – should he buy a Plasma or an LCD? While they may look the same on the surface, the two are as different as coffee and tea. Though both are beverages, they have completely different flavours, right? The same applies for Plasma TVs and LCDs – both are flat-screen tellies but are based on dissimilar technologies.