Review: Marvel: Contest Of Champions

For some time now, Injustice: Gods Among Us has reigned as the chief collaborative superhero game for app players. Using a range of DC Comics heroes and villains in a card collecting/brawler system, the game makes for a great experience for those who simply enjoy seeing all of their comic heroes in one place. There are certain ordinary pitfalls, such as somewhat-clunky fighting mechanics and repetitive gameplay, but the number of characters, achievements, and upgrades all keep things interesting for quite some time.

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Ooh Shiny – Why DLC is treating gamers like idiots

I have a problem with Downloadable Content. I’ve got to get it out there, it’s one of my biggest bug bears. What once was a developer wanting to increase the life of it’s hard worked on product, has now become a pursuit of another revenue stream, a way to milk more cash from already strapped gamers. Titbits and additives, another map, another hat, a prettier weapon, all things that are now charged for in what has become abbreviated and boiled down to one thing: DLC. Now I don’t want this to divulge into some anti-authoritarian, “it’s all about the MAN… man” article. I have no problem with big business doing what they do best, making money. At the moment it’s what makes our world turn and while triple A titles might not make up the best of games, there certainly are some good ones amongst the tripe. That said, I very much dislike the current trend in gaming, PC and Console, where instead of being given a game in all its glory, things are withheld, with extras charged for.

Pirates of the Burning Sea Interview

MMO games are one of the biggest and most well renowned genre’s in the gaming industry; and it’s certainly one of the biggest earners for some companies. However, while there are several million gamers that enjoy this genre, many choose not to try out many since they are perceived as mere clones of World of Warcraft. Not the case with Pirates of the Burning Sea, a seafaring and swashbuckling MMO set in the early 1700s. Captaining your own vessel you can trade, fight, and sail throughout the Carribean as one of several different historical nations; or play as an infamous pirate and plunder away to your heart’s content. \n\nToday I’m sitting down with a few of the development team at Flying Lab Software – the makers of PotBS – and I asked them a few questions about the current state of the game, and it’s future developments.