Whoopty Wrote a Book

Good evening everyone. My name’s Jon, or Whoopty if you’ve been reading this site for a while. While I may have my roots in the hardware review game, for the past four years I’ve been doing something a bit different: I’ve been writing a book. And today, 1st May 2013, I’m happy to announce it’s now on sale.    But …

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Lian Li at CeBIT 2012

Lian-Li was one of the largest PC exhibitors at CeBIT, with a wide booth containing an example of what seemed to be each case in their far-reaching lines. Four new models have been released since CES in January, all of which were evolutions of existing designs rather than new cases entirely. The common theme was efficiency: by making a few …

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Gamefest 2011

Introduction Want to know a perfect definition of pissing on someone’s bonfire? Game holding their own gaming fair a week before Eurogamer. You think companies are going to spend more money on different stands? You go to Gamefest, you’ve seen it. If you can stomach the queues. So yesterday I went along and tried out a few titles. Unfortunately I …

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