UK government backs ‘Olympics for eSports’ proposals

Competitive gaming has seen huge growth in recent years as tournaments selling out major arenas across the world. Experts are now predicting that the revenues within the industry could hit close to half a billion dollars by the end of this year. Such unbelievable growth has now even lead to the UK government backing calls for an Olympic style tournament under the eGames brand, …

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The official Jeff Green Dark Souls II Drinking Game – now with bonus Bingo version!

Jeff Green Dark Souls 2 Bingo If you’d prefer to play Bingo, copy the phrase list below and paste it into this Bingo generator. Set the card size to 5×5, include a free space in the centre and as many cards as you like. Then hit the ‘generate’ button. Hello [country]! Someone asks how old Jeff is Whoa that's loud! …

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Whoopty Wrote a Book

Good evening everyone. My name’s Jon, or Whoopty if you’ve been reading this site for a while. While I may have my roots in the hardware review game, for the past four years I’ve been doing something a bit different: I’ve been writing a book. And today, 1st May 2013, I’m happy to announce it’s now on sale.    But …

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