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ViewSonic XG2401 review: a legit 144Hz Freesync gaming monitor


I’ve seen ViewSonic monitors since I’ve been a kid, but I didn’t know that they made gaming monitors until I was asked to take a look at the XG2401. This monitor seems to hit all the boxes for a 24-inch gaming monitor these days: 1080p resolution, 144Hz, and some kind of adaptive sync support (in this case, AMD’s FreeSync). Let’s put it to the test, and see if ViewSonic’s efforts rank against their better-known competition!
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NZXT Manta mini-ITX case review: real cases have curves


As a rule, mini-ITX cases are as small as possible; they’re designed for LAN-friendly gaming PCs or low-profile media machines. The NZXT Manta is different, with a curvy design that trades portability for added features and extra space. It turns out that when portability and dimensions fall to the bottom of your list of priorities, you can accomplish something pretty incredible.

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Samsung 850 Evo M.2 review: good things come in small packages

Samsung 850 Evo M.2

Today we’re looking at the M.2 version of Samsung’s popular 850 Evo SSD. We’ve already benchmarked the 2.5-inch 840 Evo and 850 Evo, so we’re curious to see how this smaller form factor shapes up. Thanks to Samsung, we’ve got our hands on a unit to serve in our XSR test rig, so let’s take a look!

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Gigabyte P55W v5 review: large and in charge


The Gigabyte P55W v5 is Gigabyte’s mid-range, mid-size laptop. It’s not as slim and trim as some of its peers, but that extra space allows for a deeper keyboard, better thermals and — hopefully — better performance too. With a GTX 970M and i7-6700HQ on board this laptop should be a capable performer at 1080p, so let’s put it to the test.

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Aorus X5 Camo review: best gaming laptop 2016


The Aorus X5 Camo is the coolest gaming laptop I’ve ever seen, bar none. And beneath that awesome camo exterior, the Aorus X5 gets almost everything right. Performance? Gobs of it. Screen? Beautiful. Keyboard and trackpad? On point. If you can afford its premium asking price, there are few viable competitors to this beastly machine.

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