Razer Lachesis

When I heard that Razer were releasing a new mouse, I knew it would be something special. Considering my last insight into a Razer mouse – the Death Adder – left me with a near-perfect gaming mouse, it’s not too much to expect something even better to come from the doors of Razer.The Lachesis returns to using a laser to track your movements rather than the previously much-hyped 3G infra-red sensor the Death Adder uses. With more buttons and increased DPI lets see how Razer’s latest model performs.

Creative Inspire T7900

For the most part, you’ll be gaming with your multi-GPU system with a similar quantity of CPU cores and a couple of gigs of RAM and your nice TFT screen. But with the sounds coming from the OEM speakers you stole from an old shop-bought machine, you’ll be giving your eyes the lion-share of the entertainment while your ears are subjected to tinny, two channel sound.With nearly every motherboard, no matter how inexpensive, coming with upwards of 5.1 surround output, there is no excuse for using just the green jack. Step in Creative’s Inspire T7900 kit, featuring a gamer friendly price-tag, 7 separate speakers and a large bass unit with upmixing. Let’s see whether it’s right for you.

Zaward Twin Towers

Your chipset is usually covered with a trailing length of heatpipes connected to several ‘node’ heatsinks, combining anything hot into one heat removing clump of metal. While this method works, once you start overclocking, the PWM area’s heat is passed to the Northbridge and vice versa, lowering the potential money-saving extra frequency.There are stand alone chipset coolers out there, but more often than not, you don’t have the option of using them. Due to the single-piece cooling system motherboards use, you can’t just remove the chipset part as the other sections are left naked. The other problem is compatibility as you have to squeeze the new cooler into a position where it doesn’t conflict with a graphics card or even your CPU cooler.Today I have the Zaward Twin Towers which hopefully will be able to beat these issues.

Swiftech H2O 120 Compact

As everyone knows, water + computers normally equals disaster and RMA all round. But in some cases, the power of H2O can be used to your silicones benefit.There is a fine line between effective watercooling and relying on people believing that it is by definition better than air. Chilling by water is much more involved than a simple HSF combo, which normally holds people back from taking the plunge. With several components (radiator, reservoir, water block, piping and pump) all needing to be connected perfectly, free of air and mounted correctly most will turn to a clip-on air version. Swiftech know this and have decided to release a two piece kit containing everything for aqua heat removal. Hail the Swiftech H2O 120 Compact.


USB flash memory has recently been tumbling down in price, and now you can carry around all of your important files for less than £20.That said, most budget drives hide a substantial issue; speed. If you are routinely copying large files, a slow transfer rate can mean the difference between going to the pub and staying at the office for an extra 5 minutes. A serious problem indeed.Due to the drop in price, faster drives are also available for more accessible prices featuring larger sizes too. Today I have the OCZ ATV Turbo 4GB USB drive that should be able to store your stuff and make transferring a quick job.

ATP ToughDrive Mini 2GB

Looking for a new flash drive? How about one used by the military? Well, ATP have created the ToughDrive Mini which packs a whole lot into a small size; waterproof, temperature proof, 30mb/s transfer speed and ReadyBoost enabled.Hopefully the transfer speed will live up to the advertised rate, as this could be one of the fastest drives we’ve tested.

ATP Petito 2GB

The female market for computing is often patronising by simply colouring the item designed for lady consumption pink.This obviously works, and ATP have decided to do the same. I have their Petito 2GB which features HD memory (?), aluminium casing, a sparkly pink colour and small size. Hopefully the aesthetics aren’t the only thing that’s interesting.

NZXT ‘eXcal1b0rty’ sword

The one thing that every gamer wants is to frag their opponent in the latest FPS at max graphics, max resolution. However, sometimes the fight needs to be taken to reality and there are few companies that cater for this market.</p> <p>Step in NZXT who have decided that giving reviewers a four foot solid steel sword is a good idea.