SteelPad QcK+

There are several parts of PC that can be considered essential for top performance gaming. Mouse, of course, keyboard, certainly, maybe headset too? However, many people often overlook the importance of the humble mouse mat. Today I will be testing Nova's Killer mouse mat; lets see if it makes the grade and qualifies as a gamer's best friend.

Geil Value Dual Channel 1gb Kit

Geil I have to say are not one the most known memory companies, they are not as well known as the likes of Corsair and Crucial. Never the less they have made a name for themselves with such products as the Geil One series, the only memory I have seen to hit CAS ratings of 1.5. Today we will be looking at the other end of the spectrum, their value series. This memory has gained a reputation with the overclocking community as being the same price range as Crucial’s and Corsair’s value range but is rumoured to be a lot more overclockable while maintaining nice timings. We will of course test these rumours to bring you the truth.

Gigabyte 7800GT 256mb VIVO

Finally got my new card, replacement for my X700pro which I reviewed recently, Gigabyte Geforce 7800GT 256MB VIVO. The all powerful 7800GT, but does it really live up to its name? Read on!This card was developed under the NX78 series. This is a card that targets the top end of the market, which means we will be expecting a lot from the NX78. Let’s see what it can do.