Akasa Greenpower 500w

Unless you subscribe to the theory of a second ice age, you’ll know that humans are slowly warming our planet up due to CO2 output. While computers – probably – play a small part in this global change, there is still an impact. Step in 80+ power supplies which promise above 80% efficiency throughout their output wattage range (20%, 50% and 100%). Today I have two such units, both rated @ 500w but from two different manufacturers.

Ratpadz XT

Hard OCP are well known in the review industry for their popular website, and now they are trying to get into the mouse pad sector with their Ratpadz range. Today I have their XT model which promises a slick surface and a large gaming area.EDIT: Obviously Ratpadz have been around for years, the introduction was poorly worded apologies to anyone misled.

Jetart Heatpaste CK4000 and CK4800

You can get chrome fan grills, glossy case paint and tinted side windows; in fact your computer can quite easily be pimped up to look like its straight out of the hood. On this note, Jetart have decided to join in the computer beautifying business and have made… diamond heatpaste. Read on for the full run down.

Silverstone MS04 HDD enclosure

Whenever I think/hear of the name ‘Silverstone’ I think of an extreme aluminium fetish. Far from being a bad thing, every product that they make has a fair percentage of the ultra light metal in it. The MS04 external HDD enclosure is no different, the curved body and inner tray is their trademark brushed aluminium. Whilst it is undeniably sexy, let’s see whether it performs as well…