NZXT Guardian 921

A good case can be a gamer’s best friend, holding all the vital components whilst looking good and keeping the system cool. However a case doesn’t contribute in any great way to the performance of the computer so people tend to be a bit tight and skimp on a good looking but not very functional case. NZXT has released the Guardian 921, a relatively cheap but swish looking case. Is it like the hundreds of other budget cases or does it have something special to offer? XSR's gonna' find out.

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Keelog USB Keylogger

In these dark, uncertain times of financial instability where your business needs the most out of its employees, you need to keep track on who’s pulling their weight and who needs to pull something out. KeeLog has thought of one such way of monitoring your employee's computers in the way of an undetectable hardware key logger. Immoral, perhaps, but lets see if it's as useful as Keelogger would have us believe.

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Evercool 925-HPC

Evercool is an up-and-coming company in western markets that focuses entirely on ‘PC Thermal Solutions’. Today, we have their latest product; introducing the Evercool HPC 925-CA CPU cooler. Will this cooler to be able to impress just as much as the likes of many other tower-format coolers? Only one way to find out.

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