Zotac 9400GT 512MB

Over the past few years, nVidia have become used to holding the performance crown firmly on their brow. With the recent introduction of ATI as the Queen Bee of the GPU world with their 4 series of cards, especially with the 4870 x2 taking the top performance award, nVidia have been playing catchup. With that said, the green camp have released a wide range of mid-range cards with very low price points, in an attempt to draw in the mid to budget range crowd. Today we have the 9400GT from Zotac, a company that's reputation has grown steadily over the last few years. Will this card stand up to our scrutiny? Lets find out.

XSpice Kira 530w

Another addition to the PSU Roundup which we’re currently going through is the X-Spice Kira CS. This power supply comes in 3 available wattages: 430W, 530W and 630W. We’ll be reviewing the 530W unit, which for today’s standards, is quite a low output. Let’s see how it holds up to some of the pricier, higher wattage power supplies.

Zotac 9500GT

Although ATI seem to have taken the throne for high performance graphics cards, there’s still a vast demand for mid-range cards. This demand is in favour of nVidia, who offer some great mid-rangers for low prices. One card which comes with a low price tag and fairly good specs is the 9500GT. Today we have Zotac’s version of this card, let’s give it a whirl.

Foxconn Digitalife ELA P45

With Intel’s dominance throughout the CPU market, many users are making the obvious decision of choosing the big ‘I’ over AMD. Also with the success of ATI’s latest graphics cards, most enthusiasts are going for either an ‘Xx8’ or ‘Px5’ series of motherboard.One such motherboard which uses the P45 series chipset is the Foxconn DigitaLife ELA. Despite the odd sounding name, this board is specifically designed for performance and digital connectivity. Let’s take a look shall we.

Noctua NH-C12P

With the increasing amount of tower-type CPU coolers on the market, enthusiasts seem to have entirely forgotten about the classic top-down format. So today, we’ll be taking a step back from tower format heatsinks by reviewing the Noctua NH-C12P – a cooler which surprisingly, uses the top-down design. Let’s resurrect this staple of days gone by, and find out if it can beat today’s preferred format.

Genius Ergo 555

Most performance mice, which gamers tend to use, are normally manufactured by one of two companies: Logitech or Razer. Both these companies are widely known in the gaming industry. However, many more manufacturers, such as Genius, are making their show in the performance gaming mouse market. The contender we have for review today is the Genius Ergo 555 Laser, a ‘Professional laser gaming mouse with OLED graphics effect’. Let’s see how it performs.

Nova Master

As we’ve seen with many reviews of mouse pads they can be an important part of a gamers arsenal of ultimate ownage. Nova have been making high quality gaming surfaces for over 15 years by now they should have gotten good at it. Their latest series of mouse pads has been much revered by gamers around the world so lets see how the biggest, therefore best – because of course size is what's most important – pad in this series fairs under a normal gamer’s scrutiny.

Spire CoolFlow III

When it comes time for an enthusiast to upgrade his or her processor, it's usually quite a momentous occasion. Lots of planning goes into the perfect choice of hardware, and it's not uncommon for a cooler upgrade too; as faster usually means hotter. Therefore they usually go for something something much beefier than before – not one which looks similar to the stock Intel model. It’s odd saying that as today, we've got a Spire CoolFlow for review, which does, look remarkably similar to the stock Intel heat-sink and fan. Let’s just hope it gives a boost in performance.

Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC6400

Memory experts ‘Crucial’ have sent us a number of RAM kits in the past – all of which have proved to overclock very well. A new member of Crucial’s vast family is the red Ballistix Tracer. This kit is of the performance range of Crucial's line up and includes LED’s which "trace" horizontally along the RAM. Today we’ll be reviewing this bling; let’s see how it performs…