Enermax Pro 82

When Enermax contacted us regarding reviewing a power supply for them, we were pleasantly surprised. With such a prime range of PSUs, it’s difficult to see why Enermax would release yet another series of units. However this was made clearer after doing some research…price. All of Enermax’s units top the £60 bracket, but the Pro 82+ series is aimed more so at the low-mid range and the price reflects this. But by still maintaining price, Enermax boasts that the Pro 82 range provides outstanding efficiency and a quiet fan. Let’s see how this 425w unit holds up.

Compro VideoMate E650

Personal computers have changed somewhat in recent years. As well as the ordinary work related tasks, our PC’s are now becoming central media stations in our homes. With this in mind the popularity of TV Cards being used in systems has also increased. Today I’ll be reviewing the VideoMate E650 a DVB-T and Analogue TV Tuner Card.

NZXT Whisper

So you’re looking to build a new computer or are upgrading your current system. The last thing on your list is probably the case. It really shouldn’t be. If it is, you’re usually left with a flimsy, cramp and ugly heap of metal which is supposedly a PC enclosure. You’re kidding right? Well no, it’s true and most of us can put our hands up and admit we’ve done this on more than the odd occasion. So how about a case which actually has an affect on your internal components and is a joy to work with? Will that step up a mark on your wish list of parts for a new rig? Well after reading this review on a case which offers silence, an aluminium chassis and modernity, you may just think twice. Introducing the NZXT Whisper…

Zotac 9400GT 512MB

Over the past few years, nVidia have become used to holding the performance crown firmly on their brow. With the recent introduction of ATI as the Queen Bee of the GPU world with their 4 series of cards, especially with the 4870 x2 taking the top performance award, nVidia have been playing catchup. With that said, the green camp have released a wide range of mid-range cards with very low price points, in an attempt to draw in the mid to budget range crowd. Today we have the 9400GT from Zotac, a company that's reputation has grown steadily over the last few years. Will this card stand up to our scrutiny? Lets find out.

XSpice Kira 530w

Another addition to the PSU Roundup which we’re currently going through is the X-Spice Kira CS. This power supply comes in 3 available wattages: 430W, 530W and 630W. We’ll be reviewing the 530W unit, which for today’s standards, is quite a low output. Let’s see how it holds up to some of the pricier, higher wattage power supplies.

Zotac 9500GT

Although ATI seem to have taken the throne for high performance graphics cards, there’s still a vast demand for mid-range cards. This demand is in favour of nVidia, who offer some great mid-rangers for low prices. One card which comes with a low price tag and fairly good specs is the 9500GT. Today we have Zotac’s version of this card, let’s give it a whirl.

Foxconn Digitalife ELA P45

With Intel’s dominance throughout the CPU market, many users are making the obvious decision of choosing the big ‘I’ over AMD. Also with the success of ATI’s latest graphics cards, most enthusiasts are going for either an ‘Xx8’ or ‘Px5’ series of motherboard.One such motherboard which uses the P45 series chipset is the Foxconn DigitaLife ELA. Despite the odd sounding name, this board is specifically designed for performance and digital connectivity. Let’s take a look shall we.