Review: Marvel: Contest Of Champions

For some time now, Injustice: Gods Among Us has reigned as the chief collaborative superhero game for app players. Using a range of DC Comics heroes and villains in a card collecting/brawler system, the game makes for a great experience for those who simply enjoy seeing all of their comic heroes in one place. There are certain ordinary pitfalls, such as somewhat-clunky fighting mechanics and repetitive gameplay, but the number of characters, achievements, and upgrades all keep things interesting for quite some time.

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BenQ BL3201PT review: a premium 32-inch 4K monitor with all the trimmings


The BL3201PT is a beast of a monitor: 4K resolution, 32 inch diagonal and more ports and features than you can shake a stick at. Last year we loved its 1440p predecessor, the BL3200PT, so surely a 4K version is going to be even better? Let’s find out!

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Element Gaming triple desk mount review: Cerberus would be proud

element gaming triple-mount

Multiple monitors is the dream of any computer nerd worth her salt. You can play games at ridiculously wide resolutions, you can gain an impressive amount of screen real estate, and it makes your desk look like a NASA control centre. You could have your monitors just sitting next to each other on a desk, but the next level is to pick up a mount so that your monitors sit next to other in the air. It gives you more desk space, more options for adjustability and of course it looks way cooler too.

This desk mount from Element Gaming promises to raise three monitors, each up to 28 inches, without demanding to be clamped onto your desk. Ebuyer were nice enough to send one over, so we’ll see how well it achieves that goal.

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Samsung T1 portable SSD review: the best things come in small packages

pressToday we’re looking at the Samsung T1, a business-class SSD designed for portability. The T1 brings SSD speeds to a form factor somewhere between a USB flash drive and a full-size SSD, with USB 3.0 allowing that speed advantage to actually be realised. Let’s take a look at how it performs.

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Zotac GTX 980 AMP! Extreme Edition review: brainless beauty


Today I’m testing Zotac’s Nvidia GTX 980 Amp! Extreme Edition, one of the most powerful graphics cards on the market right now. Zotac have a strong history of producing excellent aftermarket graphics cards, so I’m excited to see what this card is capable of. Let’s get started!

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EnerPlex Packr Commuter review: a solid solar charging backpack


The Packr Commuter is a special backpack – along with a couple of main compartments, some smaller pockets and adjustable straps, you’ll find something unique. The front of the case is actually a flexible solar panel, and it’s hooked up to a small battery inside that’ll charge your smartphone or tablet over USB. But does it work – and does this cool inclusion make for a better backpack? Let’s find out in the review below.

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StarTech produce a wide range of adapters and other useful PC peripherals. Today, I’m looking at their Mini DisplayPort to DVI Dual Active Adapter. The idea here is to connect a computer with a Mini DisplayPort output to a monitor that doesn’t support the advanced (and expensive) DisplayPort standard.

In my case, this was to connect a MacBook Pro (early 2011 model) to a Crossover 27Q 1440p monitor. The Crossover 27Q is a brilliant low-price 1440p monitor, but as a consequence of its low price point it only has a single output: DVI-D. Its high resolution means that a standard mini Display Port to DVI adapter won’t work, so we turn to an active adapter that is powered via USB.

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a-Jays Four for iOS review: epic in-ear headphones

Jays are a Swedish brand with singular purpose: producing excellent headphones for mobile devices. Since 2006, they’ve produced well-received headphones in a range of styles and formats. Today, we’re looking at one of their more premium offerings: their a-Jays Four in-ear headphones. These earphones are designed for iOS devices like the iPhone, with powerful 8.6mm drivers, an in-line remote and microphone for hands-free calls. They are well presented for sure, but how do they actually perform? Let’s find out together!

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Turtle Beach Ear Force Star Wars headset review: most displeased


Today we’ll be looking at one of Turtle Beach’s latest gaming headsets, the Ear Force Star Wars headset. As you can probably guess by the name and the picture, this is an official Star Wars headset that should definitely attract fans of the sci-fi series. In our review, we’ll see if the headset is worthy of the dark lord emblazoned upon them, or whether Darth Vader will be pushing the designers out of the nearest airlock.

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