BenQ BL3200PT 32-inch 1440p monitor review


The BenQ BL3200PT is a massive, high resolution monitor, with a thirty-two inch diagonal and a 2560 x 1440 resolution. It’s the bigger brother to the BenQ BL2710PT monitor I reviewed earlier this year, offering a whole lot of screen for around £500. The feature-filled monitor is designed for professionals – like photographers, graphic designers and CAD/CAM operators – but could also hook gamers looking for something more than the 27-inch 1440p standard. Let’s see how it shapes up.

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Gigabyte P35W v2 gaming laptop review


Every year, dozens of new processors and graphics cards are released. It’s an opportunity for hobbyist PC builders to upgrade to new levels of performance, and the same is true for professional laptop makers. Gigabyte are no exception, and they’ve updated their P35 gaming laptop to include the latest Intel processors and Nvidia graphics cards. We’ve got the new P35W v2 in this week, so let’s see how it compares to its predecessor and other gaming laptops on the market.

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Blacksmith-Labs Bruno Case Review (for Nexus 5)

A few weeks back I was sent a leather smartphone holster from Blacksmith-Labs. The case is meant to be a premium offering at $80 and is hand-crafted from real leather. I’m looking at a case for the Nexus 5, part of their Bruno collection in Chestnut Brown with a Gunmetal clip. Here are my impressions.

BenQ W1080ST 1080p 3D DLP projector review


Early last year we reviewed one of our first projectors at XSReviews, the BenQ W1060. We awarded that projector 9/10 stars, lauding its picture quality, connectivity options, accessible OSD and good value.

One year and a few months later, we’re back with its successor: the BenQ W1080ST. The new model comes with a way shorter throw ratio, 3D capabilities and a lighter build – but does it maintain the same thoughtful design as its predecessor? Let’s take a look.

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BenQ XL2720Z 144 Hz Gaming Monitor Review


Today we’re looking at the BenQ XL270Z, BenQ’s premier gaming monitor. This model’s unique selling point is its 144 Hz refresh rate, which is much higher than the 60 Hz standard you’ll find on the vast majority of monitors. That translates into a much smoother experience as long as your PC is able to push out that many frames per second.

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What will the new iPhones be called?

Apple has followed a very predictable naming structure for their phones for many years now. They operate on a tick-tock strategy similar to Intel’s, offering first a new design and a year later an optimised version. The new designs have new numbers – iPhone 5 – and the optimised versions have the S suffix – iPhone 5S. This year though, that’s set to change, as Apple are expected to release two new phones, both much bigger than their predecessors at 4.7 and 5.5 inches. So what will the new iPhones be called?