Cougar 700K orange backlit mechanical gaming keyboard review


The Cougar 700K is a premium aluminium mechanical keyboard, with flashy orange backlighting, a long list of features and even an international design award. We were impressed by the Cougar 700M mouse, so will its keyboard counterpart receive the same high grade? Find out in our full review.

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Tesoro Excalibur G7NL backlit mechanical keyboard review


Earlier this year we took a look at the Tesoro Lobera mechanical gaming keyboard, which impressed us with its strong build quality, gaming features and multi-colour backlighting. Today, we’re looking at a simpler alternative named after another famous sword: the Excalibur. This less expensive keyboard uses the same Kalih mechanical switches, but dispenses with the unusual shape and multiple backlighting colours of the Lobera. The Excalibur looks promising, but how does it measure up?

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Aorus X3 Plus 13.9-inch 3K gaming laptop review


The first Aorus laptop was a titan, a 17-inch behemoth that excelled at gaming on the go with a pair of powerful graphics cards and top-notch specifications all the way around. Despite the X7’s thin design, that laptop was still a hassle to carry around thanks to its impressive dimensions and significant weight.

Now Aorus are back with a dramatically more portable gaming laptop, the 13.3-inch X3 and 13.9-inch X3 Plus. While these laptops only have a single graphics card, the remaining specifications are impressive and the inclusion of a new 3K (3200 x 1800) display outdoes even the 17-inch model.

On paper this laptop looks top-notch; well worth its £1500 asking price. In this review, we’ll see whether its real-world performance measures up.

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ZOTAC ZBOX EN760 Plus gaming mini-PC review


People love really tiny things. There’s something intrinsically satisfying about seeing something small produce something big – whether it’s a dose of truth from a kid or a wall-sized screen from a pico-projector.

The ZBOX EN760 benefits greatly from this phenomenon. It is a small black box that looks like a router – it even has two antennas sticking out of it – but it’s actually a gaming PC. And a media PC you can screw to the back of your HDTV. And yes, even a router, if you want it to be.

In this review, we’ll see what this small black box is truly capable of, as it challenges machines many times its size and price in the race for gaming performance. Read on to see how this £600 box performs!

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Gigabyte P34G v2 14-inch gaming laptop review


I’m back again with another Gigabyte laptop review, but this one’s a little different. This is the smallest Gigabyte gaming laptop I’ve ever reviewed – a 14″ model called the P34G v2. Despite this small size and a 21mm thin chassis, the P34G v2 still includes strong specifications: a Core i7 processor, a latest-generation Nvidia GTX 860M GPU and 8GB of RAM. That could make for an ultra-portable gaming powerhouse – just the thing for a hardcore gamer on the go. Let’s see whether it can follow through on that promise!

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Aorus X7 v2 SLI gaming laptop review


I was incredibly impressed with the original Aorus X7 upon its release; the laptop packed an impressive amount of gaming horsepower into a dramatically thin 17-inch frame. Now the second version is here, with upgraded Intel processors and Nvidia graphics cards… and a few other nice changes that I’ve highlighted in the spec sheet below. Let’s see how it compares to the previous generation!

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Tesoro Lobera Supreme RGB Gaming Mechanical Keyboard


The Tesoro Lobera Supreme is a mechanical keyboard with an RGB backlight, provided with brown, red, black or blue Kalih switches. Today, I’m taking a look at the blue switch version, graciously provided by Tesoro themselves. Let’s see how this gaming keyboard compares to other mechanicals on the market!

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